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Job Opportunities..!

           Tariq Alghanim Holding Company

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TAG Holding  is an International Flag ship company at a vision of upgrading its traditional values of integrity and diligence. Our regional expertise, market knowledge and mutually profitable business partnerships have enabled us to build the most dynamic and successful business portrait in the entire Middle East. Our group companies are committed to offer the highest quality products and services.

The holding company was established in the year 2003 and started to serve Kuwait and the region from the year 2004


Despite recent establishment, the Tariq Alghanim and subsidiary companies have accomplished an image of contributing to the development of Kuwait’s economy, in most of the economical development activities, supported by the glorious history of satisfying national and international clients over three decades.


The holding company has set its annual performance review for its group’s business on the financial, legal and managerial aspects to enhance the existing growth and reach our goal post. The holding company network has currently penetrated to 7subsidiaries, ranging from catering, trading and contracting to industries and investment business aspects.


TAG Holding is working towards achieving more challenging results during the forth-coming years at the roads of legal, management and technical expertise of the company. The management has deployed effective strategies in order to further improve the quality of products and services and enhance customer relations with an ultimate goal of enhancing customer satisfaction.